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I haven’t talked about what has been happening in Romania lately, but it’s not okay. The current ruling political alliance (a central-left coalition) has just adopted some amendments to the Criminal Code (in the evening of June 18th 2018), that makes it much, much harder for prosecutors to actually do their jobs. It’s basically, an attack on the judiciary wing of the state. These are some of the amendments that have been approved last night:

* if evidence from a recording is obtained illegally, the prosecutor has to destroy it and attach the confirmation of this move in the court file. In addition, the preventive arrest measure can be ordered only that there are solid evidence or clues. The “reasonable suspicions” notion for issuing a preventive arrest warrant has been removed
* same goes for witness protection – reasonable suspicion isn’t enough anymore, there has to be clear proof in order to issue witness protection

* suspects and accused will be allowed to attend witness testimonies

* prosecutors will need to bring charges against someone under investigation within a year for the case to go to trial.

* suspects that are wiretapped will be informed by prosecutors about this measure up to 10 days after it was completed.

* the package of changes also makes it harder to hold a suspect in custody.

* authorities will be forbidden from making public any kind of information about persons or charges included in criminal cases during the prosecution and trial stages; journalists are banned to report on ongoing criminal cases, which is a hindrance on freedom of speech.
* the final court decisions can be challenged on the criminal side. MP Stelian Ion, a member of the Union to Save Romania (USR), claimed that this amendment will allow PSD head Liviu Dragnea to ask for a retrial in the file in which he got a 2-years suspended jail sentence
* the only way to appeal a sentence is if new evidence has been uncovered – this goes against the principle of an appeal

* long story short: these amendments will restrict prosecutors’ scope to investigate suspected wrongdoing and benefit convicts and felons

So… yeah. I’m expecting protests to take place in the next few weeks. Theoretically, these changes can be attacked at the Constitutional Court, but, seeing that they’ve been trying to pass them for a long time, I don’t see anything changing for the better. We’re effectively screwed and, very soon, we may see a president who has had an indictment for charges of incitement to abuse of office and forgery.

Guys, like… I know we’re not the US and that worse things are happening in the world, but we exist too and this shit needs to be known. So please, reblog this.

Also, to make it clearer in layman’s terms:

* if someone is sexually assaulted/abused, they will be forced to produce a testimony in the presence of their abuser
* if someone breaks into your house, and you have surveillance cameras, the video capturing the robbery may not be used at trial
* if a judge grants a verdict, there’s no appeal possible without new proof

Like…this is Bad™

….What. The. Fuck. Is going on. In Romania o.o