The greatest video since “The History of Japan”

#this goes through so many stages of sounding like#the speaker has#anything from#an italian accent to a spanish accent to a german accent to a swedish accent to an icelandic accent xD#to my ears at least#aka how english would sound if it made sense like the rest of us#english can’t even blame it on ‘having a lot of vowel sounds’ cause swedish has a similar amount (or arguably more)#the difference is that swedish has a proper system and Rules#for when the letter becomes a different sound#in swedish how it’s written is what you get it’s straight forward#english is just put together with duct tape and a prayer (via @erasedcitizen2)


The fun thing is that some words now sound like Middle English. Which only makes sense considering the Great Vowel Shift that happened between Middle English and Modern English.

And taking my English MA hat off: BWAHAHAHAHA xDDDD This was amazingly funny! xDDD

yeah it really does! which maybe makes sense because a lot of the weird spelling in english is fossils of earlier ways of speaking.