[Free eBook] Middelalderens verden: Verdensbilledet, tænkningen, rummet og religionen [Danish European Middle Ages History & Culture Overview]


Middelalderens verden: Verdensbilledet, tænkningen, rummet og religionen edited by Ole Høiris & Per Ingesman is the a volume in their in the Verdensboger (World Book) series of Danish-language self-contained titles which provide a comprehensive introductory overview to particular cultural and historical periods, free for a limited time courtesy of Aarhus University Press in Denmark.

This is their featured Danish-language Free Book of the Month selection for October. The Danish-language series is fully equivalent in style and content to the Oxford University Press’ The Oxford Illustrated History of… or Routledge’s The World of… English series, written by scholarly experts, but meant to be accessible to a general audience as well.

This volume contains essays on various topics providing a comprehensive introduction to the world of the Middle Ages in Europe with a few excursions to areas outside, from influential thinkers including Thomas More to church architecture to early scientific and mathematical notions to the influence of trade with the Islamic world, with a special section on the Christianization of the Nordic regions, with the usual lavish illustrations including some very nice facsimiles of illuminated manuscript pages.

Offered DRM-free worldwide through October, available directly from the university’s website.

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Danish – An introduction pt. 9


Instead of my homework, here’s the final part of Danish – An introduction, based on this post. You can find the previous 8 posts as well as some additional Danish knowledge here.

The last of these posts and we’re going to be dealing with CONJUNCTIONS, which we in Danish call konjunktioner or bindeord.

coordinating (sideordnende)
and – og
but – men
or – eller
as – som (eg. as if –> som om) · lige så (eg. as beautiful –> lige så smuk)
than – end
like – som · ligesom

time and place (tid og sted)
when  – hvornår (questioning) · når · da
while – mens · imens
before – før · inden · forinden 
after – efter · bagefter
since – siden
until – indtil
where – hvor (both questioning and unquestioning) · da

manner and logic (manér og logik)
how – hvordan · hvorledes
why – hvorfor
because – fordi
although – selvom · på trods af
if – hvis
what – hvad
who(m) – hvem (questioning) · som · der
som · der
whose – hvis
which – hvilken, fk. / hvilket, itk. / hvilke, pl. (questioning) · som · der
that – som · der

Does anyone have any suggestions for Danish poetry or stories or literature? Preferably old enough to be in public domain and or having an english or german  translation around as well?

Har nogen forslag til dansk poesi eller historier eller litteratur? Fortrinsvis gammel nok til at være i offentligheden og eller have en engelsk eller tysk oversættelse også?




for all danish langblrs looking for reading practice, Ligetil (www.dr.dk/ligetil) is an amazing resource.

it’s a special page on the DR site (Danmarks Radio, a huge radio and TV broadcasting company) that features short articles written in simple danish specifically made for those with limited danish language skills, covering current events in denmark and internationally.

within the articles they also highlight words that you can mouse over to read a brief explanation of the word (also in danish) and give you an option to listen to the article read aloud (under “Læs op”).

overall this is a great site for anyone trying to improve reading ability and/or expand vocab! I tend to read the article out loud to myself and then play the audio and follow along with it; it’s really helped with my pronunciation and vocab. check it out!