10 February 2005 , HAMBURG – Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was gay but may never have acted on his homosexual tendencies, according to a new biography published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Andersen’s birth. Author Jens Andersen, author of the book which has just been published in Germany, says the author fell in love with both men and women, though he may well have remained a virgin all his life.

Expatica.com: “Hans Christian Andersen was a gay virgin”

Um …

“fell in love with both men and women…”

*Makes rainbow arm gesture*

Jens, he’s bi.

At the very least, biromantic; no way of knowing (without going back in time and asking him) if he ever felt sexual attractions he never acted on, out of fear (celibate), or whether he never actually felt sexual attraction in the first place (asexual).

I found this little gem while looking for a full version of “The Ugly Duckling” (in English translation), instead of one of the myriad abridged and oversimplified versions our culture is glutted with, to see how far off the mark I am with this post: “The Ugly Duckling as a Queer/Cripple-Punk Metaphor.”

Reader, I found it.

Reader, I warn you: it gets Dark (it’s also satirical).

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Red tube


So, many of you may know that Redtube.com is a porn website. A lot of young Danes in public school didn’t. But some did, and they made a joke out of it to trick their classmates.

In Danish “red” [ʁæð] means ‘save’, so they spread the word that Youtube was to be closed down and the only way to save it was to go to Redtube.com [ˈʁæðˈtɕuːb].