I’m on board with the fact that it’s racist and stupid for white people to wear “traditional Native American head-dresses” (i.e. big arcs of feathers) for fun or really any other reason. But I also think I can wear a feather in my hair or hat and that’s pretty much culturally neutral. What if I wore two? Five? Where’s the line?




Zero, the line is at zero feathers.

“No feathers in the hair” is bad enough, but…no feathers in the hat? That’s a like…codified sartorial thing…like a pocket square on your suit…it fits within an idiom that is so clearly and utterly orthogonal to anything ~tribal or ~indigenous–or even ~hippie or ~boho–that I can’t find any rationale for this shit even within OP’s austere and rigid framework. Andrew Ti, explain yourself sir

…did someone misunderstand something here or does it actually say what I think it does

Like, think there might be some misunderstanding here.  But if there isn’t then s/he just forbade wearing a feather in one’s hat which is part of traditional dress for one of my ancestral cultures.  Which is european in origin.


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