Tagged by @midautumnnightdream Going to try something weird by doing questions in some of the different languages am studying.  English will be (e) Dutch (n) Danish (d) German (g) Romanian ® Finnish (f) and North Sami (s). If this is too hard to follow, might re-do it in one language.

Rules: Answer questions and tag 20 people you would like to know better!

Nickname: Cactus (e)

Geschlecht: Mann (g)

Naționalitate: (discret) ®

Anul nasterii: (discret) ®

Nàsti govva: Reabbà (s)

Huidige tijd: Nu :p (n)

Jos sinulla olisi kissa, mitä sitä kutsutaan? : Tiedän kissa nimeltä Igor. se on hyvä nimi hänelle, hän on utelias. Myös kissa on bussà tai bussàcivga North-Sami, jotka ovat mukavia sanoja. (f)

Huis in HP: Hufflepuff of Ravenclaw (n)

Ivdni fàvru: ruonà-alit-sàpphat (s)  💚 💙 💜

Dream trip: could be many places, but could be nice to see that Hamlet rock opera or Faust der Rockopera live.  (e)

Tidligere film set: Anne with an E eller Harry Potter begge dejlig film! (d)

What you post: A mix of languages am learning plus cultural stuff related to those languages. And Harry Potter. Also really like Goethe’s Faust if you couldn‘t tell, so post some of that. Also have other blogs, cactusreadingoldthings for lit and history, and more mixed up or personal stuff at soilrockslove. (e)

URL Meaning: … Ein cactus lessen etwas aus anderen Sprechen? Nicht sehr kreativ. (g)

a List of North Sami words are here https://people.uta.fi/~km56049/same/svocab.html and duohtadavin is a Sami blog.

Tagging @join-the-dutch-clan @languagesandshootingstars @duohtadavvin and @marius-pont-de-bercy if they want and anyone else who wants.

The questions in english are under the cut

Rules: Answer questions and tag 20 people you would like to know better!




Year of birth:

Astro sign:

Current time: 

If you had a cat, what would it be called? : 

House in HP: 

Favorite color:

Dream trip:

Last film seen:

What you post:

URL Meaning:

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