SO it’s been SO MUCH time since my esteemed partner in crime (?) @mademoiselleseraph recommended to me this gorgeous Hamlet musical, but I have only now found a way to post it that is aesthetically pleasing me, so at last here are my Opinions about it for all those who may be interested! So, first:

– Made in English (actually both songs and dialogues are Shakespeare’s words, line by line. Incredible how wonderfully suited for music it is, isn’t it? But it’s still very easily understandable – I followed just fine and English isn’t my first language) by a German cast, with various levels of awful accent, but I found that actually this isn’t bothersome at all! For example the singer playing Hamlet is probably the worse, but it only made him sound harsher, more distressed and expressive than I think he would have been singing in his native language – check it out, it’s a very interesting effect

– A semi space operapost apocalyptic setting with marvelous costumes, including but not limited to Gertrude wearing a dildo-shaped crown, Hamlet in an ankle length leather jacket, R&G clad in plaid from head to toe and Laertes in a golden “”“"armour”“”“ with strategic cutouts

– The music isn’t generally my type, but God does it fit. Especially the extremely angry songs like the one where his father’s ghost appears to Hamlet in fire and smoke – so spectacular.

– Everyone’s characterization is so perfect ❤ Hamlet plays a bit heavy on the dramatic emo side, but there are these moments where you can see this really brave and assertive person he might have been in a less confusing situation, and others, like when he’s talking to Horatio or to the players, that show how he used to be a sweet and happy boy before everything, and it’s very touching. Ophelia is a cutie both at the beginning (her making fun of Laertes is precious) and in her “mad” songs, very haunting. Gertrude is weirdly adorable too! You get the feeling she’s really in love with Claudius, and she’s so genuinely distressed at Ophelia’s death 😦 Horatio, unfortunately, does not get any song, but even as an almost mute character (which fits his unassuming nature, maybe?) he’s very endearing and appropriately heartbreaking at the end. And Polonius (and all his family dynamics especially with poor little Ophelia) is… uhm.. interesting? Different? To say the least.

Really, watch to believe. I loved this so much. Both as a whole show, and the single songs are all terrible bops.

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