Hello everyone!

I’m Mel, i’m 21 and this September i’m starting my senior year in uni. I’ve been watching studyblr community for years but only now i feel like i really need to make my own study blog. I hope it will be as helpful as i imagine (and i wish to make some friends here too).

some stuff about me:

– i’m russian

– i’m learning english, german and planning on korean

– i’m studying architectural design at uni

i’m planning to post:

– bujo spreads

– study notes and language learning ones

– productivity challenges 

– prob some posts about study life in general

some cool people who inspired me to do this: 

@studyquill @studyign @emmastudies @intellectys @prepolyglot @buckinghamcrackerdong @anglostudy @architstudy

and some cool people who are new for me:

@sxcialwxrk @hayleys-study @de-roses @bipolarstudying @littlewitchacademic @captainradstudies

Willkommen or приветствие !

Or to practice,

Willkommen/Velkommen/Welcom/Welcome/Salut/Bienvenidos/Tervetuloa/ 歡迎!

Feel free to say hi or bother if want help!

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