You have way too bad of an attitude to run a blog like this. This type of blog is usually supposed to be for the followers to summit posts and laugh about them. You act as if everyone is out to attack you every time they reply to one of your posts and you are rude. This seemed like a light-hearted blog until too much of ‘mod ej’ was shown. Go make a personal blog if you want to talk shit and get defensive. Give this blog to someone else to run or shut it down, you aren’t doing it any good.


So there was this archeological dig under the city of Bergen in Norway which uncovered several hundred wooden sticks inscribed with Norse runes. What’s so particularly cool about this find is that wood doesn’t usually preserve very well in the archeological record, because it, you know, decomposes, so prior to this find, most of the runic inscriptions that we had were Very Important Things carved on stone and we didn’t really know if runes were used for things that weren’t important enough for a fancy stone carving. Turns out they were.

Here are a few of my favorite runesticks from Bergen. There’s the large number of sticks that are just nametags, which say things like “Johan owns me.” There are the sticks that seem to be from people learning to write, which include several runic alphabets and a particularly cute one that’s someone’s name, some numbers, and the days of the week. There’s the horny on main sticks, notably “kiss me, my love” and “the pussy’s lovely, I hope a dick fills it up.” And there’s my particular favorite, which says “Gyda says come home now.” Feel free to invent whatever context you want for that one.

re-blogging totally for the rune sticks.  feel free to ignore the usual tumblr salt at the top.

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