So I found this cool website for learning ancient languages

go wild

holy fuck

I just did a quick perusal of the Coptic resources on this site, and it has all the resources I’ve personally found worthwhile and then some. These are resources that took me months, if not years, to discover and compile. I am thoroughly impressed. The other languages featured on the site are:

  • Akkadian
  • Arabic
  • Aramaic
  • Church Slavonic
  • Egyptian (hieroglyphics and Demotic)
  • Elamite
  • Ethiopic (Ge’ez)
  • Etruscan
  • Gaulish
  • Georgian
  • Gothic
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hittite
  • Latin
  • Mayan (various related languages/dialects)
  • Old Chinese
  • Old English
  • Old French
  • Old Frisian
  • Old High German
  • Old Irish
  • Old Norse
  • Old Persian
  • Old Turkic
  • Sanskrit
  • Sumerian
  • Syriac
  • Ugaritic

For the love of all the gods, if you ever wanted to learn any of these languages, use this site.

Might be useful for some of you.

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