Natural Disasters in French



natural disaster | catatophe naturelle (f)

hurricane | ouragan (m)

tornado | tornade (f)

blizzard | tempête de neige (f)

typhoon | typhon (m)

cyclone | cyclone (m)

tropical storm | tempête tropicale (f)

drought | sécheresse (f)

thunderstorm | orage (m)

hailstorm | averse de grêle (f)

heat wave | canicule (f)

wildfire | incendie de forêt (m)

earthquake | tremblement de terre (m)

volcanic eruption | éruption volcanique (f)

avalanche | avalanche (f)

landslide | glissement de terrain (m)

sinkhole | doline (f)

flood | inondation (f)

tsunami | tsunami (m)

relief | aide (f)


Please let me know if there are any mistakes or better translations!

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