When people go off about how English is the worst language, I just wanna point out a few things:

– Our future tense requires only one word (looking at you, Spanish)

– Words don’t change meanings depending on tone (Cantonese)

– We don’t live in some bizarre Beauty And The Beast world where we give inanimate objects genders (romance languages, German)

– Likewise, we don’t have have two different words for “they” because we don’t care whether “they” were male or female (Spanish, French)

– There’s no formal “you” because we don’t play mind games about whether or not we respect you (Spanish, German)

– We don’t alter the whole fucking language based on how much we respect you (Japanese)

– The letters and sounds might not be consistent, but at least we have letters, not just pictures (Mandarin)

– We don’t have a fucking stupid tense specifically for talking to two people because some idiot decided that a two-person tense was necessary (Arabic)

So yeah, I think we’re doing okay as a language

Oh and some of our plurals are irregular, but at least it’s not like every goddamn plural is an entirely new word so you have to learn every word twice

At least it’s not like that, right? Right, Arabic? WHAT A DUMB IDEA THAT WOULD BE, HUH, ARABIC?

But we do kinda have the tone thing. Like record and record, resume and resume, etc

For a few words, but you can mispronounce a lot and still get away with it. I’m referring to this:

I love this post

yeah, what languages are “easy” or “hard” depends on what languages you’ve already been exposed to and what your learning style(s) are.  And everything that makes a language “harder” for one person can make the same language “easier/better/more elegant/more expressive” for another.

ti is not universal.

and each of these things also often comes from the language’s history – for instance english is the way it is, for good or bad, in large part because it was a “pidgin” or “creole” between about 4 different languages in the past.  So there are historical reasons for things.

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