Have been translating the poems in the Dichterliebe cycle recently.  They are a series of poems by Heinrich Heine that were then set to music by Schumann.  as they get translated thinking of posting them here.

they follow a rough story (with lots of beautiful little asides) of a poet who visits a garden and  falls in love with a woman who perhaps loves him back, perhaps not, but is pushed by circumstance to accept another proposal. – her marriage – the poet expressing heartbreak and taking solace in a garden, and the forest, and finally memorializing his love and acceptance of grief with coffin imagery.

sometimes think you can also read it as Heinrich’s feelings about german mythology, which he admired and found lovliness in, but was soon picked up by nationalists and anti-semites (he was a jew) – and which he had conflicted feelings about after.

or it can be read the more “normal” way as a lover’s story.

it’s very beautiful.

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